kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: October, 2013


this new-born love

hatched within my belly;

my body does what it had longed for;

milk pipes from my core

as you arrive,through my blood,

to this world that’s meant to father you.

You’ve been travelling for months, protected,

in a warm womb

swimming through my dreams and promises

and you’ve come,alas,

and you’ve offered a tiny handshake,

your unspoken promise to me;


Your lips parted to accomodate my tongue;

after the kiss, a promise whispered


My body craved for your arms,

 we locked hands

and while you dreamt away

another promise;


long after midnight, while you‘re dreaming

As you sleep,

I count your breaths,

I close my eyes

listening to the subtle noise of your body;

I am the flame

I am the wind

I am the soil

I am the drop.

For you my love,

to you my love

your country.

“Hey baby doll! Can I come in? It’s so hot today.I bought you something for your birthday! You’re almost ten now, wow! I remember when you first moved to our neighbourhood, you were so skinny and looked so scared. It’s been two years now? Time flies! Yes, coffee would be great. So what’s up? I saw you playing with your cousin the day before yesterday. You two looked pretty happy. Yes, I undestand. It still hurts love? Well I should not be surprised. You’re not even ten. Well, the pain goes away with age. Oh, enough about this.Open up your present! I knew you’d like it! Oh I’m so happy you like it! Come on, lets play!
Don’t worry! You still have time, it’s not even noon yet. I’ll help you out later. Here, I think we should spread out all the pieces and then closely look at the picture and then pick out the blues ones. Oh you’re right. What if we go outside? OK. Yeah, laundry is tough. But you get used to that too. You get used to everything. Sixteen in three months. I was about your age too. Oh this is blue too. I think its going to look very pretty! I can come over every day until we finish this. Oh this is a ship. That’s the sea. Yes, and people say they go to places. My aunt went somewhere with one of these. I don’t know, I never saw her again. Ah it’s even hotter now. Don’t worry about it! Your husband will not be home till dark.”