kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: March, 2012


I covered up your words

dense white paint over your synthesis on the walls.

a single drop o…

a single drop of tear


his words were gone for ever


Say you come from a two-parted city,

don’t label, don’t call it Greek or Turkish,

Free or Occupied.


Say it’s peculiar, both parts are

don’t say sides

don’t take sides.


Say, we used to live together

mention that a few decades back

there were churches and μιναρέδες

in villages and towns

the languages blended well

and nobody minded if the

coffee was called Greek, Cypriot or Turkish.


Say, you want to live in that city

and the old people’s stories of a city

that was vibrant from the mixing of the cultures.


Say that these borders are frustrating

and that the city awaits for you,

it has been parted for too long.

-My city, unknown to me, unlived by me-


Make sure to mention that this wasn’t your choice.