kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: February, 2014


staring at the field before me

I was possed by the need to talk

so I let everyting out-

birds chirped in response.

my religion
is your smile
when you kiss me

They, (draft)

Kept me up all night, detaching themselves from the surface of my veins, as if summoned by someone, travelling back and forth, a murmur between them, forming themselves into words,

I felt them forming in my guts, they stopped and questioned my lungs and then my arteries,

and it was an amalgamation of new-born words and feelings that clogged up my throat at exactly 3a.m last night. Suffocated from within, I spat them out, and they came in colours.

Love was neon-green and Happiness was a bright orange, Friendship was a dull, boring brown, Family was grey/pink polka dot and Health was red.

and they floated around, calmly, acquainting themselves with the boundaries I’ve set for them. I kept staring at them mesmerized by their independency

They came up with a little game to fool their boredom; they lined up and they came through me, one by one; stirring up memories I thought I had long got rid of.

(Hate was keener, and so was disappointment, love kept dancing around, teasing Hate and Dissapointement and Happiness was mock-wrestling with forgiveness.)

να σουν πηλός μάτια μου

να σουν πηλός στα χέρια μου

να σουν θάλασσα

να σουν αέρας

να σουν τα πάντα μάτια μου

μα όχι εσύ.

dreams flourish when


is pretty much unbearable