kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: May, 2016

ever since you left,
I’ve been putting your shoes on
figuring my body would sway the way yours did,
it would echo

the rhythm of your steps
in the piano room.
i plant herbs in your kitten heels,
trying to understand

if the weight you carried
was to heavy for your fragile self-
if we shared shoes

your high heels birth silhouettes
of you laughing, happy.
you were beautiful.
i walk around the house in your boots hoping the walls will absorb the noise and give it back when i need you most
when i cannot be a mother to my self
when he says
‘you’re not my mum’
and then you come crying
into my arms
asking where i bought my shoes from.

sunday 11:37

today he said
i love sundays with you –
& thus he proclaimed
his love
of me&him together
in pjs,unwashed&sleepy
in a messy apartment
laughing out loud
over the coffee stain
on an expensive couch