kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: February, 2015

right before dawn

And then,

the sun’s rays lingering over our bodies

and a pair of bees over our heads

the sky changing skins

I break my fast with a kiss

as I count your breaths in your sleep

your dreams come to life;

we walk,

hand in hand,

and the seasons keep changing

through storms and calm seas

through babies one, two, three

trough sickness and health

through money and no bread

baby,we smile through it all

hand in hand.

And then,

you seal the deal

as you open your sleepy eyes

with a kiss

for me.

it was a drop for a word kind of night,
in the dark,
and moments I keep dreaming of
your scent
a heart beating so many miles away from mine

there were no promises
no hugs,no kisses
just us
and alcohol and laughter and smoke and some other people and the night
deeper than you and I will ever be

and when you left,
tomorrow left with you