kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: July, 2016

Paris, Beirut&everywhere

When men spread themselves over the earth, And became many nations,Speaking diverse languages,And observing diverse customs and laws,The evils became multiplied,As one race or nation Became alienated from another. The Brotherhood of Man was now doubly forgotten-First, between individuals, and secondly, between nations. Arrogance, selfishness, and untruth Were sown and reaped in larger fields; And Peace, Faith, Love and Justice Were obscured over masses of men, As large tracts of land are starved Of sunshine by clouds floating far on high.


the earth felt burdened by  bodies that fell     too soon
thud thud thud            sound so loud they woke me in my sleep
thud thud thud times infinite
thud thud thud times infinite equals      zero

&so it begun

the soil spat the blood into the rivers &the birds poured it back
into dried out veins            till a soft pink hue coloured burned skin
trees slid their aged trunks &offered their juices
to thousands of ants who carried disembodied limbs
while boughs glued the pieces back together           till fingers tapped on cement tap tap tap
& then heavy rain washed the streets&buildings off of their memories

no witnesses left behind

thud thud thud      the sound of hundreds of heartbeats bumping
together        all at once
echoing against the sweet murmur of people rising  chatting
all Gods     chanting
we have failed we have failed we have failed
we have failed we have failed we have               failed


&when night drifted into morning
Paris&Beirut&everywhere woke up to a chilly, sunny November Saturday

i jump naked into the ocean awaiting for sea-salt
to feed my open wounds hoping the feeling of belonging
will awash my fears
of constant ache where is path have i not crafted it
well have i not envisioned it well where is the future
my younger self promised to me
little fish keep biting feeding off my nothingness
reminding my alieness
eager to fit in i take a breath
plunge in
& i & the ocean become one
my blood dissolves into the blue
& i & my fears are no more
& no path is needed