kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: December, 2015

birds chirping      I  am
breathing    dreaming
I    am
wind is cold    skin changing
drifting      finding refuge
in the sea     I am
swimming    towards the edge
me&and all of my skins    we merge
into a painting    we fall
into the ocean     I am
a mermaid  a bird  a demon
I fly in&out happiness in&out
I dance
I breathe
I love
I am

lo     words split in half
scattered&floating     ve      is in my coffee
ca    hidden in my hair           fam on my fingers
lm       behind my dogs teeth
i keep on             laughing dancing looking for          halves
where’s ily when i need it
why aren’t lo&ve connecting

here&there        in   wine&whiskeys&friends i find       e&e
and then a c              i pull a valuable a from within
i’m missing a p
and a hand to put them                   together

my words        bounce in my stomach & my lady parts
your voice says        goodmorning hey i’m sorry i’m an ass
they nod politely      protecting your stomach
from vomiting      me she she she me she me she me she she
you’ve digested     what was good&pure& with a light mauve hue
devoured      smiles love cocaine whiskeys vibes and people      you keep
saying i’m an ass    you pretty devil you’ll
become a better ass in a few months         your words fade away
dissolve into the air        they are thin like that

my words     keep travelling
looking for a home    in a hug
a print that will carry my name      with pride

i miss you because

there’s wood burning in the fireplace
and i’m wearing my cosy pajamas
and i’ve lit a vanilla scented candle
and the dog is sleeping by my side
and i’m drinking chilly white dry wine

and it is so cold outside.