kernel, reflections

though the fact that they were terrible did not mean that they were necessarily truthful

Month: September, 2018

summer stroll

a nicosia of     jasmine scented summer nights     coloured by bougainvilleas
the air filled with the smell of lamb cooked in     clay-covered ovens        a nicosia
of magic      split in halves      carrying secrets          whispered at family gatherings
found in thick coffee        my future pictured by dark dregs revealed
in time by an aunt asking      wheres your husband i dont have one
why a pretty girl like you         i dont know

a nicosia ive only met in my twenties          in the company of a boy
who knew not how to love me          a city as deep as the sea chopped up
abruptly in neighborhoods         with names i cant always pronounce

i keep walking deep into the slits
finding myself everywhere

when i miss you the most,
i find comfort in         carving your name
imprinting you     all over again
on surfaces around me       as if i can’t cut myself
in half        and find you there.