One day you wake up and you’re thirty,

by valentinestavrou

& everyone has cellulite & it is beautiful             electricity costs like hell
&you keep switching things off           you remember the thrill of having ice cream in spring     &most of your friends have already lost a parent or had a baby or both
&you know what provident fund means       & you’ve bought insurances & you try to have regular blood check-ups       & your belly roll is another belly roll                                           & people lead the lives they want               & you cry when wars break & you donate money,clothes,you know necessities       & some days you wake up and you realise it’s spring or winter                           & sometimes you miss exam stress or you miss that kind of stress when all your worries were translated into    grades&university papers& a-level results         & look at you reminiscing of those sleepless nights & random bursts of energy       when you could still go to class hangover         back when you had two homes & two countries & two selves         & happiness came at every moment in different forms but now it has changed into shapes you don’t always understand                              sometimes you remember all the friends you used to have            wondering where all those pictures are
sometimes you wake up feeling on the edge of something            sometimes you wake up wondering  will I lose a parent too, today