I met a doctor who said ‘You’ll be fine’

by valentinestavrou

‘And how often do you cry’
‘Every day.Usually when I’m about to sleep. Or when I wake up,or’
‘OK.OK. I’ll prescribe something for you. You’ll be fine. Don’t worry. That’s a hundred euros. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine’

after breakfast take two
you’ll be fine
have a light lunch take one
it’s better if you don’t drink
but I love my cocktails makes the moment sweet
when I cry I say it’s the booze people think I am softy
| carry rocks in my stomach they can’t tell
they say what nice figure what do you eat
i smile i don’t i say to my self then i add
well its summer im not very hungry but its these rocks inside me
that keep me full
when the sun sets take another
ratio 2:1:2
i keep singing to myself you’ll be fine you’ll be fine you’ll be fine
hey if im singing ill be fine ill be fine ill be fine
and take this half an hour before you sleep you’ll be fine
ill see you next month


ill be fine ill be fine ill be fine
as long as i have that valuable piece of paper in my hand
and euros in my pocket
ill be fine ill be fine ill be fine