What I live for

by valentinestavrou

I live for the little things.


For sea-salt on my naked skin and
ice-cold water down my throat,
I live for the sunset’s shades , the clouds’ stories
and jasmine’s smell on tranquil summer nights,
for the dreams I’m flying in-
I live for strong, sweet coffee and my nana’s bread
for nights in good company, for wisdom from ancient mouths
and for the sun rising from the sea,
I live for the waves that break the rock
and for the flowers that bring spring.
I live for the words inside me, for caring for my blood
for the leaves that dance frivolously in the wind-
I live for skies pouring heavy rain, for travelling steps and beautiful eyes
for music coming out of half-opened windows
and for your hand playing with my hair,
I live for babies’ innocent smiles&hugs and for
never-ending conversations in clean, white linen,

above all,
I live for the moment
you kiss my forehead