My Dear Neo- Fascist,

by valentinestavrou


we’ve met before.

In fact, we’ve met many a times over the years. You come in different shapes and forms, carrying various backgrounds on your back. Sometimes you’re rich, sometimes you’re not. Sometimes you proudly hold your PhDs, sometimes you don’t. You’re a woman, you’re a man, you’re a teenager, you’re an old person. You’re never a child, though.

We’ve had coffee, we’ve talked about our Master’s dissertations, we’ve shared drinks, we’ve traveled together, we’ve gone to day-trips together and we’ve dined and we’ve partied. You and I both have had the same experiences meaning that we both came out of one womb and then we both cried, laughed, loved and hated at some point in our lives.

Every time I have encountered you I tried to understand you. Every single time I ask about your life, I try to rationalize your beliefs, I even try to find excuses for you because I have to somehow find the ability to politely converse with you without you knowing that I  secretly don’t really like you. Yet, I’ll never wish for your death. I’ll never verbally or physically abuse you. I will never suggest that maybe you should change to comply with what I see as right. I will not treat you as you treat others even though I highly dislike you. I will let you be.

The thing is there’s space for you in this world. You came into this world without you choosing anything about your life. You were simply born into your skin ( dark or fair),into your character, into your social class, into your sexual preference, into your country, into your religion, into your language, into your history. You have never gained this space, it was given to you. And that is simply the case. You’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve your ethnicity, or your skin, or your country of origin or your sexuality. You were created. You are no better! And that goes for all of us.

Surely, you have the ability to understand that if I accept you ( as long as you don’t hurt others) then maybe you too should consider accepting others?

I know there’s love in you. I know because I’ve seen you loving your family to death, I’ve seen you protecting your dog, I’ve seen you being polite to strangers… I’ve watched you being human! I sometimes fear you when you speak and I can’t help but think; with you around… how will this world get any better?

Although I don’t get you, and I find it hard to respect you, I try to accept you.

But it broke my heart seeing you coming out of Church the other day.

Stay blessed,