Little Lion had seven dreams

by valentinestavrou

Once upon a time, in a land not far away from here, there lived an animal kingdom like no else. A magic spell was cast upon them by a kind which and the animals could now speak and read and write! So within a few years, the kingdom changed. Little houses were build for families and restaurants for Sunday evenings and schools for kids and a ball room for the grown-ups. The wise Crocodile thought that a bookshop for his books was appropriate and the old Fox decided to built a pharmacy store. Life was great for this magical kingdom. The animals lived in peace and they enjoyed the privilege the kind which had given them. Soon enough great news  were announced by the palace. The Lioness was expecting.

This was the first prince to be born after the cast of the spell and all the animals of the kingdom were excited! The Ants circled the palace for days and performed choreographies, the Bees sent in honey for the Lioness and the Cockroaches promised to stay away from the palace for a long long time. The Hedgehogs offered their services as nannies and the Foxes announced that they would serve as the guard of the little prince. You see, the little prince was loved right from the beginning. Dozens of Pigeons were flying all over the kingdom carrying wishes on their backs.

The Old Ruler, Lion VI, would stand on the balcony and read aloud these wishes.

“May he be, as fast as the wind”

“May he roar as loud as a thunder”

“May his steps make the ground move”

“May he grow to rule as his grandparent, Lion VI”

“May he be as courageous as his father”

The animals cheered and laughed and danced wishing health and happiness to the Little Lion but the wise Crocodile was a bit worried.. No one wished for the Little Lion to follow his own dreams… The previous princes were born during the time when the animals of the kingdom could not speak, write or read.. Back then,they had only known the rules and the sounds and colours of nature.But now, everything was different…Would Little Lion want to follow his ancestors path?

When Little Lion was born, the kingdom was celebrating for a month.Sparkling,coloured confetti covered the streets and balloons traveled across the skies, wine was offered on the streets and the Penguin orchestra played music all day long. Little Lion, of course, was too young to understand all these. He’d eat the confetti, mesmerized by its colours and he’d try to speak to the violins and his mum smiled and cried, overwhelmed by her happiness.

Dream I: A Land were all animals lived. Which.