by valentinestavrou

and i saw you woman covered in black cloth
selling your body half-naked in porn magazines
deprived of your clitoris
a “sworn virgin” in the mountains
marching in beauty pageants

i saw you
loving your wife loving your husband,
loving your child
i saw you,
anorexic and bulimic
looking at beauty magazines,

i saw you,
earning the right to vote,
getting your PhD,
becoming CEO
carrying guns,
carrying bombs,
wearing jewelry
and heavy make-up,

i saw you
giving birth with no one around,
being raped,
brest-feading a monkey in the jungle,
riding a bike
playing golf.

I saw you
a mother feeling guilty
an object
a trophy
the weaker sex.


When I looked for your face
I saw your reflection in the mirror
and with my fist I broke it into million little pieces
and I gave one to every one of you
and we danced and we laughed and we united
into a beautiful, colorful collage
and then I dared you, world.
Define me.
If you can.