They, (draft)

by valentinestavrou

Kept me up all night, detaching themselves from the surface of my veins, as if summoned by someone, travelling back and forth, a murmur between them, forming themselves into words,

I felt them forming in my guts, they stopped and questioned my lungs and then my arteries,

and it was an amalgamation of new-born words and feelings that clogged up my throat at exactly 3a.m last night. Suffocated from within, I spat them out, and they came in colours.

Love was neon-green and Happiness was a bright orange, Friendship was a dull, boring brown, Family was grey/pink polka dot and Health was red.

and they floated around, calmly, acquainting themselves with the boundaries I’ve set for them. I kept staring at them mesmerized by their independency

They came up with a little game to fool their boredom; they lined up and they came through me, one by one; stirring up memories I thought I had long got rid of.

(Hate was keener, and so was disappointment, love kept dancing around, teasing Hate and Dissapointement and Happiness was mock-wrestling with forgiveness.)