While in transit,

by valentinestavrou

I called you a traveller of life

fromt the womb till the earth

a migrator whose home is within his skull

a student , whose wrinkles are his greatest grades.


While in transit,

you are to change;

size, age, lovers,houses, friends, cars, perfumes, clothes, jobs, hobbies, countries.

Let it happen.


While in transit,

give what you take

and don’t expect.

People will dissapoint you.

Remember, pain makes you stronger.


While in transit,

you will travel solo, in couples, in crowds.

Don’t lose yourself.


While in transit,

you will love, laugh, cry, hate, fail, succeed, you will get hurt and

you will hurt others.

Smile your way through it.


While in transit,




while in transit,

I cried,

yet the world is still spinning.