you tell me.

by valentinestavrou

you tell me,

if my child’s life is worth more

because he’s middle-class and white.


you tell me,

if Pakistani people cry

when their loved ones die.


you tell me,

if you’d be hurt if a bullet hits you

if that would hurt my Somalian friend too.


you tell me, Sir,

if you have a soul

and the immigrants don’t.


you tell me,

if you remember your history, Sir,

cause you have family in Australia, Sir.


you tell me,

if its not the fact that she was Romanian,

was it because she was poor?


More importantly, Sir, what ought to be done?

As an educated man, surely you know the answer?

Remember, Sir, my cousins are from London,

born and bred.


you tell me, Sir,

if a world can exist without doctors

if a world can exist without workers


and if a country

without the Chinese, or the Bangladeshis, or the Romanians, or the Bulgarians,or the Russians,

or the Pakistanis, or the Syrians,or the Turks, or the Greeks, or the Cypriots, or the Palestinians

would be any less problematic.


Look me in the eye and make me understand, Sir,

why do you think are you are any better



If I may add, Sir, I think it would be totally boring without everyone around.