by valentinestavrou

i woke up just as the sun was rising.

your hand was somewhere under my chiffon dress, your palm somewhere between my thighs.I laughed cause you were drooling. I loved watching you sleeping; every time you woke up I’d ask if you had dreamt of me.

it can be quite uncomfortable, sleeping at the back of a small car. We were silently desperate to watch each other sleeping. I loved the way you drooled, you loved the way I smiled. I kissed the spot at the back of your ear.

the suns rays crept in and I tried to block them out with my hands, I wanted to keep you there, in the dark where I could count your heartbeats and listen to you breathing. You were mine, in the shadows, where no-one saw, after a night-out, after saying goodbye and going to our cars, after driving to the edge of a cliff where the sun would end our time.And I were yours, deeply, madly yours.

i think I slept mid-sentence. In your arms, I was at home.