I have a friend with blue eyes.

by valentinestavrou

He lives at the other side.


I know the process off by heart by now;

I say “Γεια σας” at the police officers and I walk straight in.

I then say “Hello” to the next police officer and I fill out a little paper;

I swear its the easiest visa to get.


I make sure to spell my name with an “i” and not an “e”.

Name and Surname: Valentini Stavrou

Passport No : 1034517

Nationality: Cypriot.


The officer looks at my ID card, then at the little paper;

she types out the information on the computer and my heart is pounding,

do I have any pendind speeding tickets from the last time I visited?

My friend with the blue eyes calls to make sure everything is fine,

the lady stamps the little paper “28 Nisan 2013”, 90 days

and I’m good to go. My visa is burning in my hand.


I can now meet my friend. I grab a tourist map;

I smile cause I don’t really need it. I have a friend at the other side!

He waves at me and I feel less of a tourist, it is the first time I crossed

and there was someone there waiting for me.


Friendship makes the crossing less of a pain.

I give him a flaouna, baked by my yiayia

and I stupidly ask him if he knows what this is and he laughs

“Woman! My grandma bakes these every Easter!”


We drive and drive and drive for hours on end;

we reach Karpaz and we order coffee.

He makes fun of me, a spoiled little princess he says I am

and the coffee is strong and the beach is beautiful.


And maybe one day, Hakan,

we’ll be able to meet and have Byzantine/Greek/Turkish/Cypriot coffee

and we will both leave our ID cards at home.