after the storm

by valentinestavrou

tis’ that time when too many words clustered choke me up, toxic ones that I need to vomit out; tis’ the time when truth, bestowed on me by some reality I had never met before, punched me real hard and once again I gave my precious droplets of tears to the ocean.

and there was a wave that understood my pain, it hugged me tight and took me to the deepest of the seas but the magic I used to know so well was not there. You were not there my beloved. You will never be.

a merman saw me sad as I was desperately looking for my hidden pearls and he sang sweet songs of love and loss but how could I understand a language so foreign? How can I ever understand a world so different? he sang and I danced pretending that I belong to the bottom of the sea and I continued the show long enough and I smiled, albeit bitterly, but it is dark down there love. And you were not there my beloved. You will never be.

so I left the underworld stiring and I surfaced, cold and forgotten, looking for my pink bubble; the one that has been suffering by my newfound knowledge of the calamities of this world. It was right there but out of reach; floating, laughing, mocking me. And you were there too,alas, you were my beloved no more. As if summoned to you by some power, my pink bubble found refuge on your lips and you two together dared me to steal what once was mine. But my beloved, tis’ that time when despite the pain, the tears, the truth and reality, despite everything, tis’ that time when I, solo, will find a way to create yet another pink bubble to dance in.  Fearless.