by valentinestavrou

 Sweet droplet of sweat

from my breasts

waters the soil,

thy, man, I caress.

I call for nature’s beasts

to feed off my deepest needs

tears and blood

I give to thee,

feed off of me,

I, Lilith,

called Maria and Eve,


Milk for your mouth

I give out,

I mother thee,

through this pain I breath.


I have labored beasts and feasts,

centuries now,

A queen and a slave

this body my cave.



For me, you say you have been killed,

 But I’ve cured more sorrow than

That that you give.


By my mixture

to swell my belly,

to create,

And for all of these,

You gave one word to me: woman.


drink my sweat, my blood

my milk, my tears

The seed of sin,

I, Lilith,

I will not eat.