routine living

by valentinestavrou

 the propeller of an aging plane, flying so fast it looked still


Wake up, press snooze, let go of the warmth of the arms that held you during the night, dream a little bit more, hug the pillow, open your eyes, smile to the man next to you, crawl to the bathroom, feel the cold droplets of water on your shivering body, use anti-wrinkling face cream and sunscreen every morning, apply foundation, make-up, mascara ; some rouge to colour your face, feed the dog , skip breakfast, drink bitter coffee, say “I’m late again”, put on coat, find keys, wish you were still in bed. A quick kiss, a smile, roaring engine,  traffic, random thoughts while driving, faster faster…I’m late again. Make up an excuse, avoid the boss, wonder where you went wrong, but not for long, you have to work. Remember to lock the car.

Say “good-morning” to the annoying colleague, hate your office attire, think “I love you”, make some phonecalls, have more bitter coffee, go to the conference room, practice your fake smiles skills, go back to your office, look for the document’s you’ve lost,  check emails and such,  have hurried lunch, involve yourself in meaningless chi-chat, take a cigarette break, face your headache, pause for a nanosecond to realize that daydreaming has become a luxury; tired eyes, late afternoon, swollen feet, damn these high heels, can I have a baby like this? Schedule the following day, note pending tasks, switch off the light, sip cold coffee, put on coat, find keys, say “Have a good evening”,  I’m going home again, faster faster, random thoughts while driving, horrible traffic, roaring engine, a smile, a quick kiss. Cook dinner for two, shower, set the alarm, place yourself in the warmth of the arms that will hold you during the night. Dream of what you hoped you would have lived.